13 Experiments in Hope: Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination 24€
Acapulco Gold: The Epic 1970's Party Pic 24€
Albanese Alex and Parvin Landon, Carnauba a Son's Memoir 24€
Anagnos Philip, Haack: The King of Techno 24€
Anger Kenneth, The Films of Kenneth Anger Vol.1 24€
Animated and Soviet Propaganda 40€
Aramaki Shinji, Appleseed 24€
Arnold Martin, Cinemnesis (VHS) 40€
Artists of the 20th Century, Marcel Duchamp 24€
Artists of the 20th Century, Salvador Dali 24€
Atlas Charles, The Legend of Leigh Bowery 24€
Avant Garde - Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s 40€
Avoid Eye Contact: The Best of NYC Independent Animation Volume 1 24€
Avrich Barry, The Last Mogul 24€
Barney Matthew, Cremaster 3 24€
Barta Jiri, Jiri Barta: Labyrinth of Darkness 24€
Bartosch Berthold, L'Idee (VHS) 40€
Bass Jules, Mad Monsters Party 24€
Batty David, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber 24€
Bertoglio Edo, Downtown 81 24€
Black Stephanie, Life and Debt 24€
Bokanowski Patrick, Courts Metrages 40€
Bokanowski Patrick, L'Ange (VHS) 40€
Borthwick Dave, The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb 24€
Brakhage Stan, Anticipation of the Night (VHS) 40€
Brakhage Stan, Hand-Painted Films (VHS) 40€
Branches, Moving Images by 'O' 20€
Brouet Lionel, Festival in the Desert 24€
Bruce Lenny, The Lenny Bruce Performance Film (A Film by John Magnuson) 24€
Bruce Lenny, Without Tears (A Film by Fred Baker) 24€
Burroughs S. William, Cut-Up Films 24€
Burroughs S. William, The Final Academy Documents 24€
Burroughs S. William, Thee Films 1950s-1960s 24€
Burton Tim, Corpse Bride 24€
Bütler Heinz, Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye 24€
Byrne David, Ile Aiye 24€
Cage John, From Zero 24€
Cage John, One11 with 103 24€
Cage John: Chess Pieces; Sonatas and Interludes; Rieti: Chess Serenade 40€
Caouette Jonathan, Tarnation 24€
Carter Elliott, Quintets and Voices 24€
Cartoon Noir 24€
Cassavetes Xan, Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession 24€
Cegavske Christiane, Blood Tea and Red String 24€
Chomet Sylvain, Belleville Rendez-Vous 24€
Chomsky Noam: Distorted Morality 24€
Claudio von Planta, Return to Kirkuk 24€
Clouzot Henri-Georges, The Mystery of Picasso 24€
Cohen Jem and Sillen Peter, Benjamin Smoke 24€
Corben Billy, Cocain Cowboys 24€
Corbijn Anton, Best Selection 24€
Crumb George, Makrokosmos I and II 24€
Czernowin Chaya: Pnima...ins Innere 24€
Dada Cinema 32€
Daffar Hayder Mousa, The Dreams of Sparrows 24€
Davids Paul, Timothy Leary's Dead 24€
Davidson Kief and Ladkani Richard, The Devil's Miner 24€
Delpeut Peter, Lyrical Nitrate and The Forbidden Quest 24€
Deren Maya, Dance Film (VHS) 40€
Deren Maya, Divine Horsemen (VHS) 40€
Deren Maya, Experimental Films (VHS) 40€
Deren Maya, In the Mirror of Maya Deren (A Film by Martina Kudlácek) 24€
Devlin Paul, Power Trip 24€
Dick Kirby, Derrida 24€
Dissolution - Six Solutions (VHS) 40€
Douglas Andrew, Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus 24€
El Che: Investigating and Legend 24€
Eno Brian, 77 Million Paintings 32€
Erskine James, The Human Face: John Cleese 24€
Evans Kim, Andy Warhol 24€
Felver Christopher, Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas / Tony Cragg: In Celebration of Sculpture 24€
Fischinger Oskar, Volume 1 (VHS) 40€
Fischinger Oskar, Volume 2 (VHS) 40€
Fischli Peter and Weiss David, The Way Things Go 24€
Fluxus - Fluxus Film Anthology (VHS) 40€
Franti Michael and Hammad Suheir, The Fourth World War 24€
Fricke Ron, Baraka 24€
Friedman Peter and Manley Roger, Mana: Beyond Belief 24€
Fulton Keith and Pepe Louis, Lost in La Mancha 24€
Garrel Philippe, Le Révélateur 24€
Garrel Philippe, Le Révélateur (VHS) 40€
Gaumnitz Michael, Paul Klee: The Silence of the Angel 24€
Geronimi Clyde and Hand David, Alice in Wonderland 24€
Gioli Paolo, Film di Paolo Gioli 40€
Goldsworthy Andy, Rivers and Tides 24€
Gräbner Daniel, Haschisch 24€
Greenaway Peter, A Zed and Two Noughts 24€
Greenaway Peter, The Belly of an Architect 24€
Greenaway Peter, The Early Films 48€
Greenaway Peter, The Early Films of Peter Greenaway 1 24€
Greenaway Peter, The Early Films of Peter Greenaway 2 24€
Griffiths Teresa, Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island 24€
Hammer Barbara, Sanctus (VHS) 40€
Hawley Suki and Galinsky Michael, Horns and Halos 24€
HBO Documentary Films: Gang Wars 24€
HBO Documentary, Naked World 24€
Heavy Metal 2000 24€
Hicks Bill, Bill Hicks Live 24€
Holthaus Wesley, Wamego: A Documentary Making Movies Anywhere 24€
I, Claudius (I-VII) (VHS) 10€
Iimura Takahiko, 60's Experiments (VHS) 40€
Iimura Takahiko, A Japanese Concept 24€
Iimura Takahiko, Early Conceptual Videos 24€
Iimura Takahiko, Filmmakers 24€
Iimura Takahiko, Fluxus Replayed (VHS) 40€
Iimura Takahiko, John Cage Performs James Joyce 40€
Iimura Takahiko, Seeing/Hearing/Speaking 24€
Ingram Brett, Monster Road 24€
Jacobs Ken, New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903 24€
Jacobs Ken, Tom Tom the Piper's Son 50€
Jacquet Luc, March of the Penguins 24€
Jamal Ahmed, The Journalist and the Jihad 24€
Jarman Derek, Jubilee 24€
Jarman Derek, Sebastiane 24€
Jarman Derek, The Last of England 24€
Jarman Derek, The Super 8 Programme Vol. 2 24€
Johnson Jed, Andy Warhol's Bad 24€
Jones Alex, Terror Storm 24€
Jones Geoffrey, The Rhythm of Film 24€
Jonze Spike, A Collection of Music Videos, Short Films, Documentaries and Rarities 24€
Judge Mike and Hertzfeldt Don, The Animation Show 40€
Kauffman Ross and Briski Zana, Born into Brothels 24€
Kaurismäki Mika, The Sound of Rio: Brasileirinho 24€
Kawamura Yuki, Lowave 24€
Keuken Johan Van der: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 18€
Klahr Lewis, Anxious Animation 24€
Klarlund Anders Ronnow, Strings 24€
Koch Ulrike, The Saltmen of Tibet 24€
Kusakabe Minoru and Shimizu Masaya, Journey Along the Silk Road 24€
Laloux René, Fantastic Planet 24€
Lemaitre Maurice, Film Annonce (VHS) 40€
Lemaitre Maurice, Films d'Amour (VHS) 40€
Lemaitre Maurice, Le Film Es deja Commence? (VHS) 40€
Leth Jorgen and Trier Lars Von, The Five Obstructions 24€
Letterist films: Woman, Women! (VHS) 40€
Linklater Richard, Waking Life 24€
Littin Miguel, The Jackal of Nahueltoro 20€
Lommel Ulli, Blank Generation 24€
Lough Adam Bhala, Bomb the System 24€
Low Adam, Kurosawa: A Documentary on the Acclaimed Director 24€
Lye Len, Rhythms (VHS) 40€
Lynch David, Dumbland 24€
MacAdams Lewis, What Happened to Kerouac? 24€
Malle Louis, Calcutta 24€
Malle Louis, The Documentaries of Louis Malle 8€
Marker Chris, Chats Perchés 24€
Masai Women: The Masai of Kenya 24€
Masakatsu Takagi, World is so Beautiful 24€
Maysles Albert and David, Grey Gardens 24€
Maysles Albert and Zwerin Charlotte, 5 Films About Christo and Jeanne-Claude 80€
Mekas Adolfas , Hallelujah the Hills (VHS) 40€
Mekas Jonas, Journey to Lithuania (VHS) 40€
Mekas Jonas, This Side of Paradise (VHS) 40€
Mekas Jonas, Three Friends (VHS) 40€
Mekas Jonas, Walden(VHS) 60€
Merhige Elias, Begotten 24€
Mermell Dean, The Best of Resfest Shorts Vol. 1 24€
Miller James, Death in Gaza 24€
Miyazaki Hayao, Howl's Moving Castle 24€
Miyazaki Hayao, My Neighbor Totoro 24€
Miyazaki Hayao, Nausicaä: Of the Valley of the Wind 24€
Miyazaki Hayao, Spirited Away 24€
Moore Michael, Bowling for Columbine 24€
Morita Hiroyuki, The Cat Returns 24€
Morrison Bill, 8 Films (VHS) 40€
Morrison Bill, Decasia: The State of Decay 24€
Morrissey Paul, Flesh 24€
Morrissey Paul, Trash 24€
Nahon Chris, Blood: The Last Vampire 24€
Nam June Paik, Prisoner of the Cathode Ray (VHS) 40€
Nelson Stanley, Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple 24€
New York Day and Night 40€
Nico, All Tomorrow's Parties 24€
Nico, An Underground Experience and Heroine 24€
Nico: Icon 24€
Olds Ian and Scott Garrett, Occupation Occupation: Dreamland 24€
Oshii Mamoru, Ghost in the Shell 1 24€
Oshii Mamoru, Ghost in the Shell 2 24€
Oshii Mamoru, Patlabor 1: The Movie 24€
Other Cinema, Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y 24€
Other Cinema, Experiments In Terror 1 24€
Other Cinema, Experiments In Terror 2 24€
Other Cinema, Nomads an No-Zones 24€
Other Cinema, Not 4 Sale 24€
Other Cinema, Sins of the Fleshapoids 24€
Other Cinema, So Wrong They're Right 24€
Other Cinema, Sonic Outlaws 24€
Other Cinema, The 70's Dimension 24€
Other Cinema, The Rainbow Man/John 3:16 24€
Other Cinema, Tribulation 99 24€
Padilha José, Bus' 174 24€
Palin Michael, Sahara 24€
Powell Ricky, Dithers 24€
Priestley Joanna, Fighting Gravity 24€
Priestley Joanna, Relative Orbits 24€
Pummell Simon, Bodysong 24€
Quay Brothers, Collection 24€
Quay Brothers, The Short Films 32€
Raynal Jackie, Deux Fois 24€
Raynal Jackie, Deux Fois (VHS) 40€
Reble Jürgen, Passion (VHS) 40€
Reggio Godfrey, Koyaanisqatsi 24€
Reggio Godfrey, Naqoyqatsi 24€
Reggio Godfrey, Powaqqatsi 24€
Reiniger Lotte, The Adventures of Prince Achmed 24€
Resistance[s], Experimental Film and Video Art from the Middle East and North Africa 24€
Richter Hans, Early Works (VHS) 40€
Robinson Bruce, Withnail and I 24€
Rodley Chris, Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture 24€
Rogerson Hank, Shakespeare: Behind Bars 24€
Rose Peter, Analogies (VHS) 40€
Rosen Peter, Who Gets to Call it Art? 24€
Rybczynski Zbigniew, Films and Videos 24€
Sato Tatsuo, Cat Soup 24€
Sauper Hubert, Darwin's Nightmare 24€
Schamoni Peter, Max Ernst 24€
Scher Jeff, Reasons to be Glad (VHS) 40€
Schmerberg Ralf, Hommage a Noir 24€
Sharits Paul, Mandala Films (VHS) 40€
Singer Leah and Ranaldo Lee, Drift 40€
Singer Marc, Dark Days 24€
Smith Harry, Early Abstractions (VHS) 40€
Soling Cevin D., The War on the War on Drugs 24€
Sosa Irene, Golub/Spero 24€
Spike and Mike's Classic Festival of Animation 24€
Spirits - National Georgaphic Map 24€
Stewie Griffin, The Untold Story 24€
Stuart Mel, Man Ray 24€
Subotnick Morton, Volume 2: Electronic Works 24€
Swenson Charles, Dirty Duck 24€
Švankmajer Jan, Alice 24€
Švankmajer Jan, Conspirations of Pleasure 24€
Švankmajer Jan, Faust 24€
Švankmajer Jan, Little Otik 24€
Švankmajer Jan, Lunacy 24€
Švankmajer Jan, The Collected Shorts of Jan Švankmajer 40€
Švankmajer Jan, The Collected Shorts of Jan Švankmajer Vol. 1 24€
Švankmajer Jan, The Collected Shorts of Jan Švankmajer Vol. 2 24€
Švankmajer Jan, The Ossuary 24€
Tartakovsky Genndy, Samurai Jack: Season 1 24€
Tartakovsky Genndy, Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie 24€
Taylor Robert, The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat 24€
The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus 80€
The Films of Hilary Harris 24€
The Hughes Brothers, American Pimp 24€
The Krazy Kat, Kartoon Kollection 24€
The Richard Pryor Show, Volume 1 24€
The Velvet Underground and Nico 32€
Thurman Robert, On Tibet 24€
Tol, Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space 24€
Trabitzsch Michael, The Life and Art of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 24€
Trueba Fernando, Calle 54 24€
Tscherkassky Peter, Cinemascope Trilogy (VHS) 40€
Tucker Michael, Gunner Palace 24€
Unseen Cinema, Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941 80€
Vanderbeek Stan, Visibles (VHS) 40€
Various, Beckett on Film 64€
Vaude Johanna, Hybride 24€
Video in Italy 1 40€
Volks Stöhnende Knochenschau - A Historic Video News Reel Project 32€
Walter John and Moore Andrew, How to Draw A Bunny 24€
Weerasethakul Apichatpong, Mysterious Object at Noon 24€
Wigstock: The Movie 24€
Wild Nettie, A Place Called Chiapas 24€
Willard Maas; Jonas Mekas; Marie Menken, Visions of Warhol 40€