Psychedelic Rock

Ant-Bee‎, Ant-Bee With My Favorite "Vegetables" and Other Bizarre Muzik 8€ (used)
Body, The Body Album 8€ (used)
Dr. Brown, Another Realm 8€ (used)
Harrold Juana, Higher 8€ (used)
Henry Kaiser with Jim O'Rourke, Tomorrow Knows Where You Live 8€ (used)
Hugo Largo, Mettle 8€ (used)
Mandragora, Temple Ball Live '94 8€ (used)
Ozric Tentacles, The Bits Between the Sits 8€ (used)
Phil Thornton with Mandragora, While The Green Man Sleeps 8€ (used)
Psycho Daisies, Sonicly Speaking 8€ (used)
Sonic Boom, Spectrum 8€ (used)
Strobe, See Beyond The Sun 8€ (used)
Strobe, The Circle Never Ends 8€ (used)
Sundial, Libertine 8€ (used)
The Darkside, All That Noise 8€ (used)
The Darkside, Melomania 8€ (used)
Treatment, Cipher Caput 8€ (used)
Various, Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfestudio Sampler 1972-80 8€ (used)
Viva Saturn, Soundmind 8€ (used)