Punk, New Wave, Goth Rock, Post-Punk

23 Skidoo, Just Like Everybody Part Two 12€
23 Skidoo, The Culling is Coming 16€
23 Skidoo, The Gospel Comesto New Guinea 6€ (used)
23 Skidoo, The Gospel Comesto New Guinea 12€
23 Skidoo, Urban Gamelan 12€
A Certain Ratio, Early 16€
Abrasive Wheels, When the Punks Go Marching In! 10€
Alan Vega, Deuce Avenue 6€ (used)
Alien Sex Fiend, Fiend Club 12€
Alien Sex Fiend, Liquid Head In Tokyo 12€
Anti-Flag, For Blood and Empire 12€
Art and Language and The Red Crayola, Corrected Slogans 12€
Associates, Fourth Drawer Down 6€ (used)
Au Pairs, Live in Berlin 6€ (used)
Au Pairs, Sense and Sensuality 6€ (used)
Au Pairs, Sense and Sensuality 12€
B.C. Gilbert and G. Lewis, 8 Time 6€ (used)
Bad Brains, Banned in D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs 12€
Bad Brains, The Youth Are Getting Restless 12€
Bauhaus, 1979-1983 Volume One 12€
Bauhaus, 1979-1983 Volume Two 12€
Bauhaus, Burning From the Inside 12€
Bauhaus, In the Flat Field 12€
Bauhaus, Mask 12€
Bauhaus, Rest in Peace 16€
Bauhaus, Swing the Heartache The BBC Sessions 10€
Benjamin Lew, Compiled Electronic Landscapes 12€
Benjamin Lew, Made to Measure Vol. 15 16€
Benjamin Lew, Made to Measure Vol.17 16€
Big Black, It's Toasted 12€
Big Black, Songs About Fucking 12€
Bill Hicks, Satirist, Social Critic, Stand-Up Comedian 8€ (used)
Bill Hicks, The Best Of Bill Hicks 8€ (used)
Blurt, Smoke Time 4€ (used)
Butthole Surfers, Butthole Surfers, The Hole Truth... and Nothing Butt 6€ (used)
Butthole Surfers, Live PCPPEP 12€
Butthole Surfers, Locust Abortion Technician 12€
Butthole Surfers, Psychic ... Powerless ... Another Man's Sac 12€
Butthole Surfers, Rembrandt Pussyhorse 12€
Buzzcocks, Entertaining Friends 12€
Buzzcocks, Ever Fallen in Love 12€
Buzzcocks, Live Tension 12€
Buzzcocks, Operators Manual 12€
Buzzcocks, Time's Up 12€
Cabaret Voltaire, Mix-Up 12€
Cabaret Voltaire, Mix-Up 8€ (used)
Cabaret Voltaire‎, Radiation (BBC Recordings 84-86) 8€ (used)
Cabaret Voltaire, Red Mecca 12€
Cabaret Voltaire, Technology: Westerne Re-Works 1992 12€
Cabaret Voltaire, The Living Legends ... 12€
Can, Cannibalism 8€ (used)
Charged G.B.H. , The Punk Singles 1981-84 12€
Charles Hayward, Switch on War 8€ (used)
Chelsea, Alternative Hits 12€
Clock Dva, Collective 10€
Cockney Rejects, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 12€
Colossal Youth, Young Marble Giants 4€ (used)
Dalis Car, The Waking Hour 12€
Daniel Ash, Come Alive 10€
Daniel Ash, Daniel Ash 10€
Daniel Ash, Foolish Thing Desire 10€
Dead Boys, We Have Come For Your Children 12€
Death Cult, Ghost Dance 12€
Delta 5, Singles and Sessions 1979 - 81 12€
Depeche Mode, The Singles 81-85 10€
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Die Kleinen und die Bösen 12€
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Die Kleinen und die Bösen 8€ (used)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Für Immer 12€
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Gold und Liebe 12€
Discharge, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 12€
Eyeless in Gaza, No Noise - The Very Best Of Eyeless in Gaza 4€ (used)
Eyeless in Gaza, Plague of Years 16€
Eyeless in Gaza, The Best of Eyeless in Gaza 12€
Eyeless in Gaza, Transience Blues 4€ (used)
Fields of the Nephilim, Earth Inferno 12€
Fields of the Nephilim, Revelations 16€
Fischer - Z, The Worker 12€
Front Line Assembly, Gashed Senses and Crossfire 16€
Front Line Assembly, State of Mind 10€
Gang of Four, A Brief History of the Twentieth Century 16€
Gang of Four, Entertainment! 12€
Gang of Four, Solid Gold 6€ (used)
Gang of Four, Solid Gold and Another Day 12€
Gary Numan, Mutate 24€
Gavin Friday, Adam 'n' Eve 12€
Gene Loves Jezebel, Discover 16€
Gene Loves Jezebel, Promise 12€
Godflesh, Hymns 10€
Godflesh, In All Languages 16€
Godflesh, Love and Hate in Dub 10€
Godflesh, Pure 10€
Godflesh, Streetcleaner 12€
Helmet, Aftertaste 8€
Henry Rollins, Black Coffee Blues 16€
James Ray and The Performance, Best Of 12€
Jane's Addiction, Jane's Addiction 10€
Japan, Adolescent Sex 12€
Japan, Quiet Life 12€
John Foxx, Assembly 12€
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Live at Max's Kansas City '79 12€
Josef K, Entomology 16€
Josef K, The Only Fun in Town 6€ (used)
Joy Division, Closer 16€
Joy Division, Preston 28 February 1980 12€
Joy Division, Still 16€
Joy Division, Substance 1977-1980 16€
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures 16€
Killing Joke, Fire Dances 10€
Killing Joke, For Beginners 4€ (used)
Killing Joke, Ha! 10€
Killing Joke, Revelations 10€
Killing Joke, The Courtauld Talks 4€ (used)
Killing Joke, What's This For...! 12€
Lee Ranaldo, Scriptures of the Golden Eternity 12€
Love and Rockets, Earth, Sun, Moon 10€
Love and Rockets, Express 10€
Love and Rockets, Hot Trip to Heaven 10€
Love and Rockets, Lift 10€
Love and Rockets, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven 10€
Love and Rockets, So Alive 10€
Love and Rockets, Sweet F.A. 10€
Love and Rockets, Swing! 10€
Magazine, Play 12€
Magazine, Real Life 12€
Magazine, Secondhand Daylight 10€
Magazine, The Correct Use of Soap 12€
Marc Bolan and T. Rex, The 16 Greatest Hits 12€
Mark Stewart, As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade 12€
Mark Stewart, Control Data 12€
Mark Stewart, Control Data 6€ (used)
Mark Stewart, Learning to Cope With Cowardice 12€
Mark Stewart, Mark Stewart 12€
Mark Stewart, Mark Stewart 6€ (used)
Mass, Labour of Love 12€
Mazzy Star, So Tonight That i Might See 10€
MC5, Extended Versions 12€
Medium Medium, Hungry, So Angry 12€
Modern English, After the Snow 12€
Modern English, Mesh and Lace 12€
Modern English, The Best of Modern English: Life in the Gladhouse 1980-1984 12€
New York Dolls, From Here to Eternity 24€
New York Dolls, New York Dolls 12€
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, B-Sides and Rarities 24€
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, Kicking Against the Pricks 12€
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, The Firstborn is Dead 12€
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, The Good Son 12€
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, Your Funeral... My Trail 12€
Nick Cave, From Her to Eternity 12€
Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Ed Clayton-Jones, And the Ass Saw the Angel 12€
Noam Chomsky, The Emerging Framework 8€ (used)
Opal, Happy Nightmare Baby 12€
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Organisation 12€
Pere Ubu, The Modern Dance 12€
Peter Murphy, Wild Birds 1985-1995 10€
Plasmatics, New Hope for the Wretched 12€
Play Dead, Company of Justice 12€
Play Dead, From the Promised Land 12€
Play Dead, The First Flower 12€
Public Image Ltd, Paris au Printemps 12€
Public Image Ltd, Public Image: First Issue 12€
Public Image Ltd, Second Edition 12€
Public Image Ltd, The Flowers of Romance 12€
Ramones, All the Stuff 12€
Ramones, Anthology 16€
Ramones, It's Alive 10€
Ramones, Masters of Rock 12€
Ramones, NYC 1978 12€
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Talk About the Weather 12€
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Very Best Of 12€
Reininger L. Blaine, Night Air 12€
Reininger L. Blaine, 100 Years of Music: Live in Lisbon 1989 12€
Reininger L. Blaine, Broken Fingers 12€
Reininger L. Blaine, Byzantium 12€
Reininger L. Blaine, Glossolalia 12€
Rockpile, Seconds of Pleasure 12€
Ruts, The Punk Singles Collection 12€
Savage Republic, Jamahiriya Democratique 12€
Section 25, Always Now 12€
Section 25, Always Now 6€ (used)
Section 25, Live in America and Europe 1982 12€
Section 25, Live in America and Europe 1982 4€ (used)
Section 25, Love and Hate 16€
Section 25, The Key of Dreams 6€ (used)
Sex Gang Children, Empyre and Fall 12€
Sham 69, At the BBC 12€
Sham 69, The Albums 40€
Shriekback, Sacred City 8€
Simple Minds, Real to Real Cacophony 12€
Simple Minds, Sons and Fascination 12€
Siouxsie and the Banshees, Join Hands 12€
Siouxsie and the Banshees, Juju 12€
Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kaleidoscope 12€
Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Scream 12€
Sister Machine Gun, Sins of the Flesh 10€
Skids, The Best of the Skids 12€
Slaughter and The Dogs, Beware Of 6€ (used)
Slaughter and The Dogs, Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone 6€ (used)
Soft Cell, At the BBC 12€
Soft Cell, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret 12€
Spacemen 3, Dreamweapon 8€ (used)
Spacemen 3, Live in Europe 1989 8€ (used)
Spacemen 3, The Perfect Prescription 12€
Stiff Little Fingers, Hanx! 12€
Stiff Little Fingers, Live Inspiration 12€ (used)
Suicide, A Way of Life 16€
Suicide, American Supreme 16€
Suicide, American Supreme 6€ (used)
Suicide, Ghost Riders 6€ (used)
Suicide, Suicide 16€
Suicide, The Second Album 16€
Suicide, Why Be Blue 16€
Suicide, Zero Hour 6€ (used)
Swell Maps, A Trip To Marineville 8€ (used)
Swell Maps, Jane From Occupied Europe 8€ (used)
Swell Maps, Wastrels and Whippersnappers 12€
T. Rex, Bolan's Zip Gun 12€
T. Rex, The Very Best Of T.Rex 12€
Talk Talk, The Very Best of Talk Talk 16€
Television, Marquee Moon 12€
The Alan Milman Sect, The + Man-Ka-Zam, Stitches 12€
The Anti Group, Audiophile 12€
The Anti Group, Burning Water 16€
The Anti Group, Digitaria 16€
The Anti Group, The Delivery 16€
The Associates, The Affectionate Punch 12€
The Belairs, The Origins of Surf Music 1960-1963 12€
The Birthday Party, Hee Haw 8€ (used)
The Birthday Party, Hits 12€
The Birthday Party‎, Live 1981-1982 12€
The Clash, London Calling 12€
The Clash, The Clash 10€
The Clash, The Essential Clash 16€
The Compact XTC, The Singles 1978-1985 10€
The Comsat Angels, Fiction 12€
The Comsat Angels, It's History 40€
The Cramps, Songs the Lord Taught Us 6€
The Cure, Disintegration 10€
The Cure, Faith 12€
The Cure, Pornography 12€
The Cure, Seventeen Seconds 16€
The Cure, The Head on the Door 10€
The Cure, Three Imaginary Boys 16€
The Danse Society, Heaven is Waiting 12€
The Danse Society, Seduction 12€
The Durutti Column, Keep Breathing 12€
The Faint, Danse Macabre Remixes 10€
The Fall, Are You Are Missing Winner 12€
The Fall, Bend Sinister 12€
The Fall, Cerebral Caustic 12€
The Fall, Code: Selfish 12€
The Fall, Dragnet 12€
The Fall, Early Singles 6€ (used)
The Fall, Fall Heads Roll 8€ (used)
The Fall, Fiend With a Violin 8€ (used)
The Fall, Hip Priest and Kamerads 12€
The Fall, I am Kurious Oranj 12€
The Fall, Levitate 8€ (used)
The Fall, Listening In 12€
The Fall, Live at the Witch Trials 16€
The Fall, Middle Class Revolt 16€
The Fall, The Idiot Joy Show 16€
The Fall, The Infotainment Scan 8€ (used)
The Fall, The Legendary Chaos Tape 6€ (used)
The Fall, The Marshall Suite 12€
The Fall, The Twenty - Seven Points 16€
The Fall, This Nation's Saving Grace 12€
The Fall, Totally Wired 12€ (used)
The Gun Club, Fire of Love 12€
The Gun Club, Miami 6€ (used)
The Hair and Skin Trading Co. , Jo in Nine G Hell 12€
The Hair and Skin Trading Co. , Over Valence 12€
The Human League, Reproduction 12€
The Human League, Travelogue 12€
The Jam, Dig the New Breed 8€
The Jam, Greatest Hits 6€
The Jam, Live Jam 12€
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Psychocandy 12€
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Stoned and Dethroned 12€
The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Complete John Peel Sessions 8€ (used)
The Jesus Lizard, Bang 12€
The Jesus Lizard, Down 12€
The Jesus Lizard, Goat 12€
The Jesus Lizard, Lash 10€
The March Violets, The Botanic Verses 12€
The Members, At the Chelsea Nightclub 12€
The Passage, Enflame 12€
The Pop Group, Y 8€ (used)
The Psychedelic Furs, The Psychedelic Furs 12€
The Red Crayola with Art and Language, Kangaroo? 12€
The Red Crayola, Malefactor, Ade 12€
The Red Crayola, Singles 6€ (used)
The Red Krayola, Amor and Language 12€
The Red Krayola, Blues, Hollers and Hellos 12€
The Red Krayola, Come on Down 4€
The Red Krayola, Fingerpainting 12€
The Red Krayola, Hazel 12€
The Red Krayola, Hazel 6€ (used)
The Red Krayola, Hurricane Fighter Plane 16€
The Red Krayola, Introduction 12€
The Ruts, Babylon's Burning 12€
The Ruts, Demolition Dancing 12€
The Ruts, Get Out Of It! 12€
The Ruts, The Crack 12€
The Sisters of Mercy, Vision Thing 12€
The Sound, The BBC Recordings 16€
The Sound, The Dutch Radio Recordings 12€
The Specials, The Singles Collection 12€
The Stranglers, Live in London 12€
The Teardrop Explodes, Kilimanjaro 12€
The Vibrators, V2 12€
The Wolfgang Press, Everything is Beautiful 12€
The Wolfgang Press, Funky Little Demons 16€
The Wolfgang Press, The Burden of Mules 12€
Theatre of Hate, Love is a Ghost 12€
Theatre of Hate, Love is a Ghost Live 12€
Theatre of Hate, The Best Of 16€
Theatre of Hate, The Complete Singles Collection 12€
This Heat, Health and Efficiency 12€
This Heat, Live 80/81 12€
This Heat, Made Available 12€
This Heat, Out of Cold Storage 70€
This Heat, Repeat 12€
This Heat, Repeat 8€ (used)
This Heat, This Heat 8€ (used)
Timothy Leary and Simon Stokes, Right To Fly 8€ (used)
Tones on Tail, Everything! 10€
Tuxedomoon, 77o7 - 30th Anniversary Box 40€
Tuxedomoon, Bardo Hotel Soundtrack 12€
Tuxedomoon, Bardo Hotel Soundtrack 8€ (used)
Tuxedomoon, Cabin in the Sky 12€
Tuxedomoon, Desire 12€
Tuxedomoon, Desire 8€ (used)
Tuxedomoon, Divine 12€
Tuxedomoon, Half-Mute/Scream With a View 12€
Tuxedomoon, Holy Wars 12€
Tuxedomoon, Pinheads on the Move 12€
Tuxedomoon, Pinheads on the Move 8€ (used)
Tuxedomoon, Ship of Fools 12€
Tuxedomoon, The Ghost Sonata 12€
U.K. Squeeze, U.K. Squeeze 8€ (used)
Ui, Answers 8€
Ui, The Iron Apple 8€
UK Subs, Live at the Roxy Club 12€
Ultravox, Ha!-Ha!-Ha! 12€
Ultravox, Systems of Romance 12€
Ultravox, The Island Years 12€
Ultravox, Ultravox! 12€
Various, Dead on Arrival 24€
Various, Gothic Rock: The Ultimate Collection 32€
Various, In the Beginning There Was Rhythm 16€
Various, New York Noise Vol. 2 16€
Various, New York Rock Original Punk Classics of the 70's 8€ (used)
Various, Punk You Vol. 1 8€ (used)
Various, Punk-O-Rama Vol. 10 12€
Various, The UK Punk Anthology: Anarchy, Angst and Bollocks 10€
Various, White Dopes on Punk - 50 Punk Nuggets and New Wave Rarities 12€ (used)
Vertigo, Ventriloquist 10€
Vhs or Beta, Night on Fire 8€ (used)
Virgin Prunes, ... If I Die, I Die 12€
Virgin Prunes, A New Form of Beauty 16€
Virgin Prunes, Hérésie 12€
Virgin Prunes, Hérésie 8€ (used)
Virgin Prunes, The Moon Looked Down and Laughed 12€
Virgin Prunes, The Moon Looked Down and Laughed 8€ (used)
Wah!, The Art of Bluff 12€
Wah!, The Maverick Years '80-81 10€
Warsaw, Warsaw 16€
Wasted Youth, Memorialize 12€
Wasted Youth, Wild and Wandering 12€
Winston Tong, Like The Others 6€ (used)
Wir, The First Letter 12€
Wire, 154 8€ (used)
Wire, A Bell is a Cup 12€
Wire, Chairs Missing 12€
Wire, Document and Eyewitness 16€
Wire, It's Beginning To And Back Again 12€
Wire, Live at CBGB Theatre 16€
Wire, Man Scape 12€
Wire, On Returning (1977-1979) 12€
Wire, On The Box: 1979 16€
Wire, Send 12€
Wire, The Drill 12€
Wire, The Ideal Copy 12€
Wire, The Scottish Play 16€
X, Beyond and Back 8€
X, More Fun in The New World 6€ (used)
X, Under the Big Black Sun 12€
Xiu Xiu, Fabulous Muscles 12€
Xiu Xiu, La Forêt 12€
Xiu Xiu, The Air Force 12€
Yello, Essential 6€ (used)
Yello, One Second 6€ (used)
Yello, Solid Pleasure 12€
Yello, Zebra 6€ (used)