Reggae, Dub

A Blackbeard Production, Too Much Iron in the Fire 16€
A.J. Franklin, Taking it To The Limit 12€
Adrian Sherwood, Never Trust A Hippy 8€
African Head Charge, In Pursuit of Shashamane Land 8€ (used)
African Head Charge, Shrunken Head 12€
Al Pancho, Righteous Men 12€
Albert Griffiths and The Gladiators, Valley of Decision 12€
Alpha and Omega, Dub Plate Selection Vol.1 8€ (used)
Alpha and Omega, Sound System Dub 10€
Alpha and Omega, Watch and Pray 8€
Alpha Blondy, Cocody Rock 12€
Althea and Donna / Joe Gibbs and The Professionals‎, Uptown Top Ranking / Calico Suit 12€
Alton and Hortense Ellis, Heartbeat 12€
Alton Ellis, Be True To Yourself 12€ (used)
Alton Ellis, Be True To Yourself 16€
Alton Ellis, Sunday Coming 12€
Anthony B, Confused Times 12€
Assini, A Midnite - I Grade Collaboration 12€
Aswad, Aswad 12€
Aswad, Not Satisfied 12€
Aswad, Rise and Shine 12€
Aswad, Roots Revival 12€
Augustus Pablo meets Mr. Bassie, Original Rockers Vol. 2 12€
Augustus Pablo, Blowing With The Wind 12€
Augustus Pablo, Classic Rockers 12€
Augustus Pablo‎, Dub, Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King 12€
Augustus Pablo, East of the River Nile 12€
Augustus Pablo, El Rocker's 10€
Augustus Pablo, In Fine Style 12€
Augustus Pablo, Ital Dub 12€
Augustus Pablo, King David's Melody 12€
Augustus Pablo, King Selassie I Calling 12€
Augustus Pablo, Rockers International Showcase 8€ (used)
Augustus Pablo, Rockers meet King Tubbys In a Fire House 12€
Augustus Pablo, Skanking With Pablo Melodica For Hire 1971-77 12€
Augustus Pablo, Valley of Jehosaphat 12€
Bad Manners, Rare and Fatty 12€
Badawi, Clones and False Prophets 12€
Badawi, Clones and False Prophets 8€ (used)
Badawi, Jerusalem Under Fire 12€
Badawi, Soldier of Midian 12€
Barrington Levy, 20 Vintage Hits 8€
Barrington Levy, Barrington 12€
Barrington Levy, In Dub 8€
Barrington Levy, Jah The Creator 12€
Barrington Levy, Love Your Brother Man - The Early Years 12€
Barry Brown, Barry Brown meets Cornell Campbell 12€
Barry Brown, Far East 12€
Barry Brown, Step it up Youthman 12€
Barry Issac, Jah Mek I 12€
Beenie Man, Kingston To King Of The Dancehall 12€ (used)
Beres Hammond and Friends, Timeless Roots Rock Reggae 12€
Beres Hammond, Soul Reggae and More 12€
Big Ship, Classic Dub 12€
Big Youth, Jamming in the House of Dread 12€
Big Youth, Natty Universal Dread 1973-1979 24€
Big Youth, Screaming Target 12€
Bim Sherman and the Voluntary, Century 12€
Black Uhuru, Anthem 12€
Black Uhuru, Chill Out 12€
Black Uhuru, Dynasty 12€
Black Uhuru, Now Dub 12€
Black Uhuru, Red 10€
Black Uhuru, Reggae Greats 12€
Black Uhuru, Sinsemilla 12€
Black Uhuru, The Dub Album 12€
Black Uhuru, This Is Crucial Reggae 10€
Blackbeard Production, Too Much Iron in the Fire 12€ (used)
Bob Marley and the Wailers, African Herbsman 12€
Boozoo Bajou, Juke Joint 8€
Boozoo Bajou, Satta 12€
Brigadier Jerry, Jamaica Jamaica 12€
Brigadier Jerry, On the Road 12€
Bruce Ruffin, Mad About You: The Anthology 16€
Buckey Ranks, Let it Grow 12€
Bunny Maloney, Sings Old Hits In A Reggae Rub A Dub Style 12€
Bunny Wailer, Blackheart Man 12€
Burning Spear, Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology 16€
Burning Spear, Farover 12€
Burning Spear, Freeman 12€
Burning Spear, Jah Kingdom 10€
Burning Spear, Live At Montreux Jazz Festival 2001 12€
Burning Spear, Living Dub Vol. 1 12€
Burning Spear, Living Dub Vol. 2 12€
Burning Spear, Living Dub Vol. 3 12€
Burning Spear, Living Dub Vol. 4 10€
Burning Spear, Living Dub Vol. 5 12€
Burning Spear, Man in the Hills and Dry and Heavy 12€
Burning Spear, Marcus Garvey 12€
Burning Spear, Mek We Dweet 10€
Burning Spear, Our Music 12€
Burning Spear, People of the World 12€
Burning Spear, Resistance 12€
Burning Spear, Rocking Time 12€
Burning Spear, Spear Burning 12€
Burning Spear, The Fittest of the Fittest 12€
Burning Spear, The Millennium Collection 8€ (used)
Burning Spear, The World Should Know 16€
Bushman, Nyah Man Chant 12€
Carl McDonald, African Countries 12€
Carlton Livingston, The Best of Carlton Livingston 12€
Cave Crew, Dub Inna De Cave 10€
Chaka Demus and Pliers, Back Against the Wall 12€
Charlie Chaplin, 20 Super Hits 8€ (used)
Chezidek, Mash Dem Down 12€
Cimarons, In Time 8€ (used)
Clint Eastwood and General Saint, Stop That Train 12€
Clive Smith, Stepping Forward In Dub 8€
Clocktower Productions‎, The Sound Of Macka Dub Vol.1 12€
Cocoa Tea, Kingston Hot 12€
Cocoa Tea, Save us Oh Jah 12€
Cornell Campbell, I Shall Not Remove 1975-80 12€
Cornell Campbell, My Confession 12€
Cornell Campbell, Sweet Dance Hall Collection 12€
Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari, Grounation 20€
Culture, Humble African 12€
Damian Marley, Welcome to Jamrock 12€
Danny Lion and The Revelations, Many Mansions 12€
David Jahson, Roots of David 10€
Dean Fraser, Mystical Sax 8€ (used)
Dennis Alcapone, Guns Don't Argue 16€
Dennis Alcapone, My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars 8€
Dennis Alcapone, Universal Rockers 12€
Dennis Alcapone, Wake Up Jamaica 8€
Dennis Brown and Janet Kay, So Amazing 12€
Dennis Brown, Africa 12€
Dennis Brown, Bless Me Jah 10€
Dennis Brown, In Loving Memory 12€
Dennis Brown, Live at Montreux 12€ (used)
Dennis Brown, Musical Heatwave 8€ (used)
Dennis Brown, The Promised Land 1977-79 10€
Dennis Walks, Meet Dennis Walks 12€
Denzil Dennis, Me Nah Worry: The Anthology 16€
Derrick Harriott and The Crystalites, A Fistful of Dollars 8€ (used)
Derrick Morgan, Time Marches On 12€
Desmond Dekker and The Aces, Music Like Dirt 12€
Desmond Dekker, Gimmie Gimmie 12€
Desmond Dekker, Israelites: Anthology 1963-1999 16€
Desmond Dekker, Rudy Got Soul: 1963-1968 16€
Dezzi D, Rootsman Stylee 8€ (used)
Dillinger, At King Tubbys 12€
Dillinger, Freedom Fighter 12€
Dillinger, Say No To Drugs 12€
Dillinger, Some Like It Hot 12€
Dion Knibb and The Agitators, Driving Me Mad 12€
DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid 10€
Don Carlos and Gold, Plantation 12€
Don Carlos, Pure Gold 12€
Don Carlos, Tribulation 12€
Double Barrel, The Best of Dave and Ansel Collins 8€ (used)
Dr. Israel vs Dr. X, Another Day in Babylon 12€
Dub Connected, Dub Connected Vol. 1: Mind The Gab 10€
Dub Syndicate, The Rasta Far I 12€
Dub Taylor, Forms and Figures 10€
Dubblestandart, Streets of Dub 8€
Earl 16, Cyber Roots Reggae 12€
Earl 16, Feel The Fire 12€
Earl 16, Steppin' Out 12€
Eastern Dub Tactik, Blood is Shining 10€
Eek-A-Mouse, The Mouse and The Man 12€
Eek-A-Mouse, The Very Best Of Eek-A-Mouse Vol. 2 12€
Elephant Man, Good 2 Go 12€
Elephant Man, Log On 12€
Ernie Smith, Folk Songs Of Jamaica 8€
Errol Dunkley, Ok Fred The Best Of Errol Dunkley 12€
Everton Blender, King Man 12€
Everton Blender, Live At the White River Reggae Bash 8€ (used)
Everton Blender, Rootsman Credential 12€
Everton Blender, Visionary 12€
Frankie Paul, At His Best 12€
Frankie Paul, Best Of Friends 12€
Fred Locks, Culturally 12€
Fred Locks, Never Give Up 12€
Freddie McGregor and Studio One Band, Live at Town and Country Club 12€
Freddie McGregor, Bobby Babylon 12€
Freddie McGregor, Come on Over 12€
Freddie McGregor, Comin' in Tough 12€
Freddie McGregor, Roots Man Skanking 12€
Freddie McGregor, The Anthology 8€
Freddie McGregor, Zion Chant 12€
Free Your Mind, Levi Roots 12€
Garnet Silk, Rule Dem 8€
Garnett Silk, The Definitive Collection 12€
General Plough and Welton Irie, One And One = Two 12€
Gentleman, Confidence 16€
George Nooks and Dennis Brown, The Voice Lives On 8€
Glen Brown and King Tubby, Termination Dub (1973-79) 12€
Glen Ricks, Hold On 12€
Glen Washington, Heart of the City 8€
Glen Washington, Selected Train 12€
Gregory Isaacs, Hold Tight 12€
Gregory Isaacs, Mr. Isaacs 12€
Gregory Isaacs, Sweeter The Victory 16€
Gregory Isaacs, The Originals 12€
Gregory Isaacs, The Table is Going To Turn 12€
Groundation with Don Carlos and The Congs, Hebron Gate 12€
Groundation, Young Tree 12€
Heavyweight Dub Champion, Survival Guide For The End of Time 16€
Horace Andy meets Mad Professor, From the Roots 12€
Horace Andy, Good Vibes 12€
Horace Andy, In The Light / In The Light Dub 12€
Horace Andy, Mek it Bun 12€
Horace Andy, Pure Ranking 12€
Horace Andy, Sings for You and I 12€
Horace Andy, Skylarking 12€
Horace Andy, This World 12€
Horace Andy, You Are My Angel 12€
Hugh Mundell, Africa Must Be Free by 1983 12€
Hugh Mundell, Blackman's Foundation 12€
Hughie Izachaar‎, Praise Jah - Vocals and Dub 10€
I- Roy, Don't Check me With No Lightweight Stuff 12€
I- Roy, Heart Of A Lion 12€
I- Roy, Satta Massagana 12€
I- Roy, The Great Godfather 12€
I Wayne, Lava Ground 12€
Ijahman Levi, Are We A Warrior 12€
Ijahman Levi, Arkart 12€
Ijahman Levi, Black Royalties 12€
Impact All Stars, Forward The Bass, Dub From Randy's 1972-1975 12€
Independant Intavenshan, The Island Anthology 12€ (used)
Inner Circle and The Fatman Riddim Section, Heavyweight Dub Killer Dub 12€
Inner Circle, Bad Boys 12€
Inner Circle, Identified 12€
Inner Circle, Jamaika Me Crazy 12€
Inner Circle, Reggae Dancer 12€
Inner Circle, Speak My Language 12€
Inner Circle, This is Crucial Reggae 12€
Israel Vibration, Live and Jammin 8€
Israel Vibration, On the Rock 8€
Israel Vibration, Pay The Piper 12€
Israel Vibration, The Same Song 12€
Jack Radics, Open Rebuke 12€
Jackie Edwards, In Paradise 12€
Jackie Edwards, In Paradise 8€ (used)
Jackie Edwards, The Original Mr. Cool 24€
Jackie Edwards, This is My Story 16€
Jackie Mittoo, Champion in The Arena 1976-1977 10€
Jackie Mittoo, Show Case Vol. 3 12€
Jackie Opel and Ferdie Nelson, A Love To Share: Top Sounds From The Deck, Vol. 2 12€
Jacob Miller and Inner Circle, Forward Jah Jah Children 12€ (used)
Jah Cure, Free Jah's Cure - The Album The Truth 12€
Jah Cure, Freedom Blues 12€
Jah Shaka meets Mad Professor, At Ariwa Sounds 8€ (used)
Jah Stitch, Original Raggamuffin (1975-77) 12€
Jah Thomas meets The Roots Radics, Dubbing 12€
Jah Thomas, Hail Lyrics For Sale 12€
Jah Woosh meets Mixman, Fire In A Blakamix 12€
Jah Woosh, Ital Movement 12€
Jimmy Cliff, Jimmy Cliff 12€
Joe Gibbs and The Professionals, Majestic Dub 12€
Joey Jay, Good Times Skank 12€
John Holt, 2000 Volts Of Holt 8€ (used)
John Holt, Greatest Hits 12€
John Holt, Looking Back 12€
John Holt, The Tide is High 16€
John Holt, Time is The Master 12€
John Holt, Ultimate Holt 12€
Johnny Clarke, 20 Massive Hits 12€
Johnny Clarke, A Ruffer Version 12€
Johnny Clarke, Authorised Rockers 12€
Johnny Clarke, Authorized Version 12€
Johnny Clarke, Dreader Dread 1976-1978 6€ (used)
Johnny Clarke, Golden Hits 12€
Johnny Clarke, Praise Jah 12€
Johnny Clarke, Rockers Time Now 12€
Johnny Clarke, Tribute To Bob Marley in a Dancehall 12€
Johnny Osbourne, Bad Mamma Jamma 12€
Josey Wales‎, The Outlaw Josey Wales 12€
Junior Byles and Friends, 129 Beat Street - Ja-Man Special 1975-1978 12€
Junior Byles and Friends, 129 Beat Street Ja-Man Special 1975-1978 12€
Junior Byles, Beat Down Babylon 10€
Junior Byles, Curly Locks 8€ (used)
Junior Delgado, Fearless 12€
Junior Delgado, Sons of Slaves 12€
Junior Kelly, Bounty Killer and Capleton The Good the Bad and the Blazing 12€
Junior Reid and Cornell Campbell, Double Top 8€ (used)
Junior Reid, Listen to the Voices 12€
Jus Goodie, Freedom Song 12€
Justin Hinds and The Dominoes, Over The River / Corner Stone 12€
Justin Hinds and The Dominoes, Peace and Love 12€
Justin Hinds and The Dominoes, Ska Uprising 12€
Keith Hudson, Brand 12€
Keith Hudson, Pick A Dub 12€
Keith Hudson, Pick A Dub 8€ (used)
Keith Hudson, Rasta Communication 8€ (used)
Keith Hudson, Too Expensive 12€
Ken Boothe, Crying Over You: Anthology 1963-1978 12€
Ken Boothe, You're No Good 12€
Ken Lazarus, Reflections 8€
King at the Controls, King Jammy - Essential Hits 16€
King Jammy, A Man and His Music 12€
King Tubby an Prince Jammy, Dub Gone 2 Crazy 12€
King Tubby and Errol Thompson, Black Foundation In Dub 10€
King Tubby and Friends, Dub Gone Crazy 12€
King Tubby and Friends, Dub Like Dirt 8€ (used)
King Tubby and Soul Syndicate, Freedom Sounds In Dub 12€
King Tubby, Bunny Lee Presents The Late Great King Tubby: The Legacy 24€
King Tubby, King Tubby's Balmagie Jam Rock 12€
King Tubby, The Roots of Dub 12€
Larry Marshall, Presenting Larry Marshall 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and Friends, A Live Injection Anthology 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and Niney, Station Underground Report 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters, Blackboard Jungle Dub 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters, Dub - Triptych 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters, Revolution Dub 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters, Rude Walking 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters, Scratch the Upsetters Again 8€ (used)
Lee "Scratch" Perry and The Upsetters, The Upsetter Shop Vol. 2: 1969-1973 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry meets Bullwackie, In Satan's Dub 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry meets Mafia and Fluxy In Jamaica 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Africa's Blood 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Arkology 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Arkology (3xCD) 20€
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Divine Madness ... Definitely 16€
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Lord God Muzick 12€
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Technomajikal 8€ (used)
Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Essential Lee "Scratch" Perry 10€
Lennie Hibbert, Creation 12€
Leroy Smart, Private Message 12€
Leroy Smart, The Best of Leroy Smart 8€
Levi Roots and Zion Train, Jah Will Never Let You Down 12€
Linton Kwesi Johnson, Independant Intavenshan 6€
Linton Kwesi Johnson, Reggae Greats 12€
Linton Kwesi Johnson, Tings An' Times 12€
Linval Thompson and Various Artist, Rockers From Channel One. 'Rockers From Channel One' 12€
Linval Thompson meets King Tubbys, Ina Reggae Style Dub 12€
Linval Thompson, Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks 16€
Linval Thompson, I Love Marijuana 12€
Linval Thompson, Linvall 12€
Linval Thompson, Presents African Princess 12€
Linval Thompson, Ride on Dreadlocks 1975-77 12€
Lionel Barrett, Rasta Cowboy 12€
Livingstone Dandy, Suzanne Beware of the Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingstone 12€
Livingstone Dandy, Suzanne Beware of the Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingstone 8€ (used)
Love Grocer, Fresh Produce 8€ (used)
Luciano, Serious Times 12€
Lucky Dube, House Of Exile 12€
Lucky Dube, Prisoner 12€
Lucky Dube, Respect 12€
Lyn Taitt and The Jets, Hold Me Tight 16€
Mad Professor, Method To The Madness - Two Decades Of Crazy Dubs 12€
Mafia and Fluxy, Reggae Heights Featuring John Holt 12€
Manasseh meets The Equalizer, Shining 12€
Mary J. Blige, No More Drama 10€
Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor, No Protection 10€
Massive Attack, No Protection 12€
Matisyahu, Live At Stubb's 12€
Matisyahu, Youth 12€
Max Romeo and The Upsetters, War Ina Babylon 12€
Max Romeo, Holy Zion 12€
Max Romeo, Let The Power Fall 12€
Max Romeo, Open the Iron Gate 1973-1977 12€
Max Romeo, Play for Me - Best Of ... 1967-1973 12€
Max Romeo, Sings Hits of Bob Marley 12€
Max Romeo, The Coming of Jah 16€
Michael Prophet, Consciousness 8€
Michael Rose, African Roots 12€
Michael Rose, Babylon 9/11 Tip Of The Iceberg 12€
Michael Rose, Dub Wicked 12€
Michael Rose, Happiness: The Best Of 12€
Michael Rose, Live at Maritime Hall 12€
Michael Rose, Never Give It Up 12€
Midnite and I Grade, Assini 12€
Midnite and I Grade, Jah Grid 12 €
Midnite, Let Live 12€
Mighty Diamonds, The Classics Recordings of Jamaica's Finest Vocal Trio 12€
Mikey Dread, Profile 12€
Mikey Dread, World Tour 12€
Monkeys Journey, Land of Baboon Volume 2 8€
Morgan Heritage, Protect Us Jah 12€
Morwell Unlimited meet King Tubby, Dub Me 12€
Mr. Vegas, Pull Up 12€
Mutabaruka, Any Which Way ... Freedom 12€
Mutabaruka, Melanin Man 12€
Mutabaruka, Muta In Dub 12€
Niney and Friends, Blood and Fire 16€
Niney The Observer, Microphone Attack 1974-78 12€
Niney The Observer, Observer Attack Dub 8€
Niney The Observer, Space Flight Dub 12€
Niominka Bi N'Diaxas Band, Fat i Yoon 12€
Norris Man, Home and Away 12€
Nucleus Roots, In Dub 12€
Nucleus Roots, Nucleus Roots 12€
Owen Gray‎, Shook Shimmy And Shake 12€ (used)
Owen Grey, Hit After Hit After Hit Vol. 3 5€
Peter Broggs, Ras Portraits 12€
Peter Broggs, Rise and Shine 12€
Peter Tosh and Friends, Negril 8€
Peter Tosh, Bush Doctor 12€ (used)
Peter Tosh, Captured Live 12€
Peter Tosh, Legalize It 12€
Peter Tosh, Mama Africa 6€ (used)
Peter Tosh, No Nuclear War 12€
Peter Tosh, Talking Revolution 16€
Peter Tosh, The Best Of Peter Tosh 8€
Peter Tosh, The Best Of Peter Tosh: Dread Don't Die 12€
Peter Tosh, The Toughest 12€
Phase Selector Sound, Disassemble Dub 8€
Prince Alla & Junior Ross, I Can Hear The Children Singing 12€ (used)
Prince Alla, Lion a Go Bite You 12€
Prince Alla, Only Love Can Conquer 1976-1979 12€
Prince Alla, Only Love Can Conquer 1976-1979 8€ (used)
Prince Buster, Fabulous Greatest Hits 8€
Prince Far I and King Tubbys, In The House of Vocal and Dub 12€
Prince Far I, Cry Freedom Dub 12€
Prince Far I, Dubwise 12€
Prince Far I, Heavy Manners: Anthology 1977-83 16€
Prince Far I, Long Life 12€
Prince Far I, Psalms For I 12€
Prince Far I, Silver and Gold 1973-1979 12€
Prince Far I, Under Heavy Manners 12€
Prince Jammy, Kamikazi dub 12€
Prince Jazzbo, Get Tonight Brother 8€
Prince Lincoln, Humanity 12€
Prince Malachi, Jah Light 8€ (used)
Quasimoto, The Unseen 16€
Queen Omega, Destiny 10€
Raggasonic, Raggasonic 8€
Ranking Joe, Dub it in a Dance 12€
Ras Ivi and The Family Of Rastafari, Ark Of The Covenant 12€
Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus, Spiritual Roots 12€
Rhythm and Sound with Tikiman, Showcase 16€
Rhythm and Sound, See Mi Yah (Remixes) 12€
Robert French, Showcase 12€
Rock Steady, Safe Travel 12€
Rockers Hi-Fi, Rockers to Rockers 12€
Rocky Campbell, Lovers Serenade 12€
Roger Robin, I See Jah 12€
Roger Robin, Take it Slow 8€
Roots Manuva, Alternately Deep 12€
Roots Manuva, Dub Come Save Me 12€
Roots Radics, World Peace III 12€
Rosco Gordon, Let's Get It On! 12€
Rougher Than Rough, Classics Reggae Vocals 1972-76 8€
Roy Shirley, Music is the Key: The Anthology 1967-1975 16€
Rupie Edwards and Friends, Let There Be Version 12€
Ruts DC meets Mad Professor, Rhythm Collision Vol.1 12€
Ruts DC vs Zion Train, Rhythm Collision Remix 12€
Ruts DC vs Zion Train, Rhythm Collision Remix 4€ (used)
Sandoz, Chant to Jah 12€
Sandoz, Dark Continent 10€
Sandoz, Live in the Earth 12€
Scientist, Dub in the Roots Tradition 12€
Scientist, Dub In The Roots Tradition 8€ (used)
Shabba Ranks, Shabba Ranks and Friends 8€
Sizzla, Da real Live Thing 16€
Skeletal Family, Promised Land: The Best of Skeletal Family 8€
Skin, Flesh and Bones Meet Revolutionaries, The‎- Fighting Dub 1975-1979 12€
Slim Smith and The Uniques, Best of the Uniques 1967-1969 12€
Slim Smith, Keep That Lovelight Shining 12€ (used)
Slim Smith, The Light 12€
Sly and Robbie meet King Tubby‎, Reggae Rasta Dub 12€
Sly and Robbie, Friends 12€
Sly and Robbie, Hail Up Taxi 2 12€
Sly and Robbie, Mambo Taxi 12€
Sly and Robbie, Reggae Greats 8€
Sly and Robbie, RIDDIM The Best Of Sly and Robbie In Dub 1978-1985 16€
Sly and Robbie, Silent Assassin 8€
Sly and Robbie, Sly and Robbie Present... DJ Riot 12€
Sly and Robbie, Taxi Fare 12€
Sly and Robbie, Unmetered Taxi 12€
Spectre, Parts Unknown 8€ (used)
Static, Dub For The Modern World Feat Static 10€
Steel Pulse, Babylon the Bandit 12€
Steel Pulse, Caught You 8€ (used)
Steel Pulse, Handsworth Revolution 10€
Steel Pulse, Rastafari Centennial: Live in Paris 8€ (used)
Steel Pulse, Reggae Greats 8€
Steel Pulse, Tribute To The Martyrs 8€ (used)
Steel Pulse, Ultimate Collection 12€
Stereotyp, My Sound 12€
Stranger Cole, Bangarang: Best of Stranger Cole 1962-1972 12€ (used)
Strong Foundation, Jah Love 8€
Sugar Minott, Dancehall Business 12€
Sugar Minott, Inna Reggae Dance Hall 8€
Sugar Minott, Showcase 12€
Sugar Minott, Slice of the Cake 8€
Sugar Minott, This is Reggae 12€
Sylford Walker and Welton Irie, Lamb's Bread International 12€
Tabou Combo, New York City 12€
Taj Weekes and Adowa‎, Hope and Doubt 12€
Tanya Stephens, Rebelution 12€
Tapper Zukie‎, Musical Intimidator 16€
Tapper Zukie‎, Tapper Zukie In Dub 12€
Terry Ganzie, Loose and Running 10€
The Abyssinians and Friends, Tree of Satta 8€ (used)
The Abyssinians, Declaration of Dub 12€
The Cables, What Kind of World 12€
The Chantells and Friends, Children Of Jah 1977-1979 12€
The Congos and Friends, Fisherman Style 16€
The Congos, Cock Mouth Kill Cock 12€
The Congos, Congo Ashanti 12€
The Congos, Give Them The Rights 12€
The Congos, Natty Dread Rise Again 12€
The Congos, Revival 12€
The Dayjah and Disciples, Urban Jungle 12€
The Disciples, Infinite Density of Dub 8€
The Dub Specialists,‎ Dub to Dub Loop to Loop Volume Three 8€
The Ethiopians, Everything Crash: The Best of The Ethiopians 12€
The Ethiopians, Slave Call 12€
The Ethiopians, The World Goes Ska 12€
The Flying Lizards, The Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards 10€
The Gaylads, Over the Rainbow's End 8€ (used)
The Gladiators, Back to Roots 8€ (used)
The Gladiators, Trenchtown Mix Up 12€
The Harder They Come (Original Soundtrack Recording) 12€
The Heptones, Changing Times 12€
The Heptones, On Top 12€
The Heptones, Peace and Harmony - The Trojan Anthology 12€ (used)
The Heptones, Pressure 12€
The Itals, Early Recordings 1971-1979 12€
The Lone Ranger, On The Other Side of Dub 12€
The Meditations, Best Of The Meditations: Deeper Roots 12€
The Meditations, Return of the Meditations 8€
The Melodians, Rivers Of Babylon: The Best of the Melodians 1967-1973 12€
The Meters, Look-Ka Py Py 10€
The Pioneers, From The Beginning 1969-1976 12€
The Revolutionaries, Earthquake Dub 12€
The Rootsman, 52 Days to Timbuktu 8€
The Rootsman, In Dub We Trust 8€
The Rootsman, Into the Light 12€
The Rootsman, Realms of the Unseen 12€
The Royals, Dubbing with The Royals 12€
The Royals, Ten Years After 12€
The Skatalites and Friends, Phoenix City 16€
The Techniques, Classics 12€
The Techniques, Run Come Celebrate: Their Greatest Reggae Hits 12€
The Twinkle Brothers, Dub Massacre: Inna Murder Style 8€ (used)
The Wailers Band, I.D. 12€
The Wailers, Family and Friends 12€
Tom Browne, Mo' Jamaica Funk 12€
Tommy McCook, Blazing Horns Tenor in Roots 8€ (used)
Tony Rebel meets Garnett Silk, In a Dancehall Conference Heartbeat 8€
Tony Roots, Sufferer's Cry 8€
Tony Tuff, How Long 12€
Toots and The Maytals, Bla-Bla-Bla 8€ (used)
Toots and The Maytals, Pressure Drop The Golden Tracks 16€
Toots and The Maytals, Roots Reggae 40€
Toots and The Maytals, True Love 12€
Toots and The Maytals, True Love 8€ (used)
Toots and The Maytals, World is Turning 12€
Trinity, Dreadlocks Satisfaction 12€
Trinity, Life 12€
Trinity, Shanty Town Determination 12€
Triston Palma, Joker Smoker 12€
Triston Palma, Showcase 12€
Turbulence, Songs of Solomon 10€
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Horsie 12€
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, In Dub Vol. 1 12€
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, The Essential Collection 12€
U Brown, Train to Zion 12€
Unitone HiFi, Boomshot 12€
Unitone HiFi, Rewound + Rerubbed 12€
Urban Jungle, Day Jahand the Disciples 12€
U-Roy and Various, Version Galore 12€ (used)
Various, 100% Dynamite 8€ (used)
Various, 2 Heavyweight: Another Blood and Fire Sampler 12€
Various, 200% Dynamite 12€
Various, 300% Dynamite 12€
Various, 400% Dynamite 12€
Various, 500% Dynamite 12€
Various, Am I Black Enough For You? Jamaican Songs of Freedom 1970-79 16€
Various, Baba Boom! Musically Intensified Festival Songs 16€
Various, Box of Dub, Dubstep and Future Dub 16€
Various, Bunny Lee Presents A Tribute To The Late Great Sir Coxsone Dodd 24€
Various, By The Rivers Of Babylon (Timeless Hymns Of Rastafari) 12€
Various, Clocktower Dub 12€
Various, Crooklyn Dub Consortium Certified Dope, Vol. 1 8€ (used)
Various, Current Artist at Studio One Vol. 1 12€
Various, Dance All Night 12€
Various, Dub Infusions 1989-1999 8€ (used)
Various, Dubbed Out In DC 12€
Various, Dubhead Soundclash Series Session One 10€
Various, Dublab Presents: Freeways 8€ (used)
Various, Dubmission 2: The Remixes 12€
Various, Dubwise and Otherwise 2, A Blood and Fire Audio Catalogue 2 12€
Various, Dubwise and Otherwise 2, A Blood and Fire Audio Catalogue 1 12€
Various, Earl Sixteen, Song For A Reason 12€
Various, Full Up: Best of Studio One, Volume Two 12€
Various, Full Up: More Hits From Studio One 12€
Various, Full Up: More Hits From Studio One 12€
Various, Grounation: The Indomitable Spirit of Rastafari 12€
Various, Head Shot: Reggae Instrumentals Dub & Other Oddities 12€
Various, Heavyweight 3, A Blood And Fire Sampler 12€
Various, Heavyweight Sound, A Blood and Fire Sampler 8€
Various, Hi - Fidelity Dub Sessions Chapter One 12€
Various, Hi - Fidelity, Dub Sessions 3 12€
Various, Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Chapter Two 10€
Various, Is It Rolling Bob? A Reggae Tribute To Bob Dylan Vol.1 10€
Various, Jamaica Ska-Kore 24€
Various, Junior Byles and Friends 129 Beat Street : Ja-Man Special 1975 - 1978 12€
Various, Keep The Pressure Down 12€
Various, King Size Dub Chapter Eight 12€
Various, King Size Dub Chapter Seven 8€ (used)
Various, King Stur Gav Hi-Fi Lee Unlimited 8€
Various, Kung Fu! Reggae vs. The Martial Arts 12€
Various, Land of Baboon Vol.1 10€
Various, Land of Baboon Vol.2 10€
Various, Lee Perry and Friends, Open The Gate 16€
Various, Lee Scratch Perry - Born In The Sky (Upsetter At The Controls 1969-1975) 12€
Various, Let Your Yeah Be Yeah 12€
Various, Mashup the Place! The Best of Reggae Dancehall 8€
Various, Mundial Muzique - A Selection Of Modern Afro-Caribbean Latin and Brazilian Rhythms 8€ (used)
Various, Punk Reggae Party, New Wave Jamaica 1975-1980 12€ (used)
Various, Rare Reggae From The Vaults of Studio One 12€
Various, Reggae Refreshers Vol.2 8€ (used)
Various, Reggae Sunsplash Fever 8€
Various, Respect to Studio One 12€
Various, Rockers Almighty Dub 12€
Various, Roots of Dub Funk 2 8€
Various, Roots of Dub Funk 3 8€ (used)
Various, Roots of Dub Funk 4 8€ (used)
Various‎, Rumble In The Jungle 16€
Various, Scratchy Sounds - Ska, Dub, Roots and Reggae Nuggets 16€
Various, Serenity Dub 2.1 p.m. 8€ (used)
Various, Serenity Dub 3.1 Organic Technology 8€ (used)
Various, Serenity Dub 4.1 8€ (used)
Various, Ska Bonanza: The Studio One "Ska" Years 16€
Various, Skatalites And Friends - Hog In A Cocoa 12€
Various, Soul to Soul: DJ's Choice 8€ (used)
Various, Strictly the Best: The Rock Steady Version Vol. 1 12€
Various, Studio One Roots 2 12€
Various, Studio One Selector, The Originals 8€ (used)
Various, Studio One Soul 2 12€
Various, Studio One Story 24€
Various, Sucker Punch - Jamaican Boxing Tributes 12€
Various, Tapper Zukie Presents Proud to be Black 8€ (used)
Various, The Big Gundown: Reggae Inspired by Spaghetti Westerns 16€
Various, The Biggest Ragga Dance Hall Anthems 16€
Various, The Biggest Reggae one-drop Anthem 2006 16€
Various‎, The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Volume 2 24€
Various‎, The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Volume 21 24€
Various‎, The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Volume 3 24€
Various, The Original Soundtrack From the Film Rockers 12€
Various, The Serious Reggae Album Volume Two 12€
Various, Treasure Isle: Showtime 8€ (used)
Various, Trojan Rastafari Box Set 16€
Various, Unearthed Gold of Rock Steady Vol. 2 12€
Various, United Dreadlocks Vol. 1 12€
Various, Wicked a Go Feel It 8€ (used)
Various, Wild Dub: Dread meets Punk Rocker 8€ (used)
Various, X-Tray Music A Blood and Fire Dub Directory 12€
Vincent Nap, Good Things Come 12€
Vybz Kartel, J.M.T. 12€
Wailing Souls, Equality 10€
Wailing Souls, Wild Suspense 12€
Wet Dream, The Best of Max Romeo 12€
Willi Williams, Armagideon Time 12€
Willi Williams, Full Time Love 12€
Willi Williams, Messenger Man 12€
Willi Williams, Thanks and Devotion 12€
Winston Jarrett, Children of The Ghetto 12€
Winston Riley, Dance Hall Techniques 1986-1991 12€
Yabby You and King Tubby, King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub 8€ (used)
Yabby You and Michael Prophet meets Scientist, At The Dub Station 8€ (used)
Yabby You meets Sly and Robbie, At the Mixing Lab Studio 12€
Yabby You, Deliver Me From My Enemies 8€ (used)
Yabby You, King Tubby's Prophesy of Dub 12€
Yabby You, One Love, One Heart 12€
Yellowman, RAS Portraits 12€
Yellowman, Yellow Like Cheese 12€
Zion Train, Homegrown Fantasy 12€
Zion Train, Love Revolutionaries 12€
Zion Train, Original Sounds of the Zion 12€